The Southeast Case Research Journal is going online


For its first two decades, the Southeast Case Research Journal was a "print only" journal.  With our multi-year conversion to the Open Journal System (OJS) online format using the Texas Digital Libraries (TDL), we are taking the journal online.  We are in the process of digitizing all past and current issues.  This process is nearly complete with issue 6 (2009), 10 (2013), 12 (2015), 17 (2020), and 18 (2021) remaining to be uploaded.  The Editorial Staff is trying to complete the digitization of all past issues before the 2024 conference.  

In the future, author data will be collected at the time of submission and linked to your user account in the OJS.  This contact information includes your email address and institution. 

For the cases previously published in print format (or that bypassed the OJS), the editorial staff did not collect sufficient information from all authors to create user accounts in the OJS.  For that reason, the editorial staff substituted the contact author's email address for any authors with missing information.  This resulted in the creation of an incomplete user profile in the OJS.  We will update contact information with current email addresses and institutions upon request.  Once an author's contact information is correct, each user should be able to update their own user profile.

Authors may receive an email request to confirm their ORCID.  If you have an ORCID and wish to link it to your publications, you are welcome to do so.  An ORCID is not required for publication in the Southeast Case Research Journal.

If anyone has copies of missing issues (2007?) or special issues, that do not appear on this website, please contact the editorial staff.  We would like to borrow your originals or obtain copies so those issues can be digitized and archived here.