Extra Points


  • Jane E. Barnes Meredith College


academic administration, ethics, college athletics, fair treatment


Elizabeth Goldsmith is a graduate student at New Jersey University, teaching an undergraduate course in Organizational Behavior in the spring semester.: One of her students, RJ Bryant, is a junior on the football team. RJ comes from an underprivileged household and football is his ticket out of the projects. He is also the only star on a rather lackluster NJV team, and is projected to be drafted by the NFL in the second round after his senior year. After the finals have been graded, RJ received a C in the course. Soon after, Elizabeth received a call from a member of the athletic department Academic Support Unit. The administrator informed Elizabeth that RJ needed to get at least a C+ in the Organizational Behavior course in order to remain eligible to play football the following fall. All other avenues had been pursued and Elizabeth was RJ's last chance to remain academically eligible; was there anything that RJ could do to raise his grade? Elizabeth must decide if she should allow RJ to do some extra work in order to raise his grade.